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Interview Tips

Interview Tips Our interview technique training service aims to give you a thorough understanding of what the interviewers will require of you to make the maximum impact and ultimately Get That Job.

Here are ten Interview Skills tips to help you along the way:

Interview Coaching Packages

RésuméWORKS® have a variety of different services to suit our diverse range of clients:

Basic Interview Package

The complete cost of this Session is $150.00 and consists of the following:

Executive Interview Package

The complete cost of this package is $225.00 and includes:

To help us prepare we would ask you to forward your CV, application form, cover letter and any other information you submitted for the position, a copy of the job description as well as a list of questions you find particularly difficult or challenging.

Superior Interview Package

At this level, your interview technique training must be completely bespoke. We give you the choice of how you wish to structure your coaching sessions.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and career aspirations and we will negotiate an appropriate fee.