Jump starting careers
for over 22 years

A game of golf.

Our most basic selection criterion is a demonstrably positive commitment to the delivery of absolute quality service.

This is not for everyone, certainly not the ‘get-rich-quick’ brigade! The ideal applicant has a strong, successful record of career development, aligned with a determination to work in their own business, at their own level of productivity, for a desired level of remuneration.

Open Your Own RésuméWORKS® Bureau

Our company is always looking for client-dedicated professionals to join our network.

We do not create a traditional ‘Franchise’. Rather, we do empower you to create your own business trading under our name, totally complying with our quality standards, service level agreements, and strict statutory compliance protocols.

The essential pre-requisite for a Bureau Principal is a proven dedication to client service excellence, aligned with a mature and demonstrably positive level of business acumen.

That is it . . . we can and will teach you the finite details.

Costs are an initial area purchase fee, followed by a small, fixed on-going charge to cover advertising, promotion and business training. These fees vary by the size and location of the area you want to manage.

For an initial obligation free chat, please contact us.